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Concrete Texture


Our concrete involves no mining, no imports and releases no greenhouse gases to be produced.  It is the strongest, most net negative concrete and is mechanical superior to concrete made using Portland Cement.

The Problem

Concrete is the most used material on Earth next to water.  Portland cement, the industry standard aggregate used to make most concrete, requires limestone to be extracted in large quarries and burned at high temperatures, releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.  This process produces 0.9T of CO2 per Tonne of cement.  Overall concrete production is estimated to account for as much as 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions each year!


The Most Used Material in the World

Foggy Forest

The Yummet Solution

Our process utilizes waste as the key ingredient in making our concrete.  Unlike traditional cement production, we REMOVE approximately one metric ton of greenhouse gases from the environment for every metric ton of cement produced!  Our carbon negative cement/concrete is made without mining.   The Yummet process bypasses calcination altogether and stores carbon dioxide for millennia while meeting or exceeding concrete testing standards. This process can be utilized at any scale, for most projects. Our material meets ASTM 1157 Type GU standards.

No Mining, No Imports & No Emissions.

Record breaking strength

Yummet CleanCrete mechanical properties are far superior to ordinary Portland cement-based products. Our early age compression strengths of over 5,000 PSI allow for roads to be laid and open to traffic the next day.  Our 28 day strengths near 12,000 PSI allow for structural design and less material usage.  Our product is 3 to 5 times stronger than standard concrete.  Our tensile strength means many projects reduced need for rebar reinforcement.  Because our material is a different chemical reaction, we see little degradation to chlorides or in saline environments, making it wonderful for marine and coastal applications. We are the first concrete material that shows reduced to no interfacial transition zone. We have tested our materials in pavement, sidewalk, foundation, block, and precast applications. Download the spec sheet.

Bird's eye view of a highway

Reduced Rework, Improved Quality, Longer Durability

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