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Barley Fields

Transforming Waste into Green Concrete,
Clean Air, and Clean Water

We've brought together 300 of the brightest people on earth and created technology to turn waste into valuable resources like green concrete, clean drinking water, biochar and green hydrogen.


We're taking stuff that's normally considered garbage and turning it into things that are actually useful, profitable and can make our world a better place.   


We're also working hard to remove carbon from our atmosphere, clean up our oceans, and make sure things are better for future generations. 

Watch a video intro from our founder

Brittany Zimmerman introduces herself, Yummet's mission,  technology, and plans for the first, full-scale production facility to be built in Hawai'i with the help of industry leaders and passionate supporters like you.

what we do

What we do

By mimicking the natural process of mother nature, Yummet's innovative technological approach breaks down waste and transforms it into valuable minerals, soils, water and clean air.  Greenhouse gasses are removed from the atmosphere and oceans, while solid waste, plastics, glass, metals, construction waste, sewage waste, and agricultural waste are diverted from landfills and waterways and used as inputs in the Yummet facility.


We disassemble the molecules and rebuild them\ into valuable resources just as nature does.   We commercialize our outputs into green, carbon negative concrete, clean Hydrogen fuel, potable drinking water, and a sustainable soil amendment called biochar.  The result is a solution that rebalances the carbon of our planet.

Building Blocks


We developed the world’s strongest carbon-negative concrete.

3-5x stonger than traditional concrete.

Rocket Launch


We produce Green Hydrogen at scales and costs that rival dirty hydrogen production.

Glasses of Water


The 1st system that produces drinking water through desalination and wastewater treatment without producing brine nor waste.

Black Soil


The USDA Program 808/336 has ~$40B and is now reimbursing agricultural application of our Biochar.

Our Team

Brittany Zimmerman

CEO and Chief of Innovation


Before founding Yummet, Brittany served as a NASA Principal Investigator and Aerospace Systems Engineer developing life support systems for long-duration spaceflight and habitation.


She has committed herself and her company to bettering the conditions of humanity and is implementing her multidisciplinary expertise of space systems to make life support technologies easily accessible and affordable for terrestrial humanity. ​ 

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Brittany holds an M.S. in Space Studies with a focus on

Bioregenerative Physical-Chemical Environmental Control and Life Support Systems for Long-Duration Human Spaceflight. Ms. Zimmerman has been repeatedly recognized for her innovation and leadership:

  • >95% Proposal Selection - Exceeding $85 Million in Awards

  • SSPI Promise Award Recipient

  • SSPI 20 Under 35 Award Recipient

  • 3X NASA Principal Investigator

  • Technologies selected for the ISS, Artemis Program, DoD

  • Future Space Leader Awardee

  • Analog Astronaut: Inflatable Lunar/Martian Habitat, Crew 3

  • Analog Astronaut: Mars Desert Research Station, Mission 171

Our Global Team

Yummet is a think tank of hundreds of PhD's, Masters and leaders in their fields, amassing  a millennia of combined experience.  We have the know-how the world needs and are dedicated to rebalance the carbon of our planet in a way that is sustainable and profitable.



Graduate Degrees

Our diverse team has expertise in many fields such as: Applied Ocean Science, Biomechanics, Carbon Capture and Conversion, Chemical Engineering, Earth Sciences, Geophysics, Materials Engineering, Chemical Looping, Atmospheric Science, Aeronautical and Space Engineering, Applied Mathematical Physics, Biotechnology, Soil Sciences, Information Assurance and Security, International Business & Management, Computer Science,  Communications Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and more...

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