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Great Returns and Good for the Planet

Yummet brings to the world breakthrough innovations that are sustainable as well as profitable. Unlike other carbon capture solutions, Yummet shows positive EBITDA without credits and subsidies.  An investment in Yummet means you are making a positive impact on the environment while also earning great returns. You no longer have to decide between doing what's right for the planet and financial gain. 

Green Nature

A Sustainable & Profitable Investment

Running a Marathon

Competitive Edge

Yummet is a team comprised of world class experts which are on the cutting edge of technology and science developments.  At present there are no direct competitors that can sustainably scale to global carbon removal needs and do so economically and profitably as Yummet.  We are using proven technology with readiness levels of 9 (i.e. industry proven), which gives us a lead over any competitor by a decade.  Our green products are cost competitive with the current market for non-green products, and are of equal or higher specifications. Plus, governments have began mandating carbon conscious and sustainable products and  we are the only carbon net-negative concrete provider in several markets.  

Elite Team & Technology

The Opportunity

We are raising funds for constructing our full-scale solution in Hawai’i and plan to build additional facilities around the world.  For those who want to make a positive impact on the environment and leave a legacy, we offer attractive terms and good return on investment. If your vision aligns with ours, in creating a sustainable future for us and the generations to come, please reach out and join us.


Please Note: This is suitable for long-term, impact Investors. This is not suitable for VCs or investors seeking quick exits.  We do not plan to exit via an IPO or strategic acquisition, and do not offer equity shares or options that can be traded. 

Natural Waterfall

Making an Impact & Leaving a Legacy

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